Welcome to My home on the internet.

Hey there! I’m Fady, I am a DevOps, SRE and Cloud Engineer with a strong background in system administration and infrastructure tooling.

My expertise primarily revolves around Go, Python, Linux, Kubernetes, serverless architectures and the Cloud Native domain in general. I’ve always had a keen interest in system-level programming, and networking. At the moment, I am learning more about AI.

I’m an active contributor to open source and believe in the importance of knowledge sharing, as evidenced by the blog that I run, which I occasionally post technical articles.

Additionally, I hold the title of AWS Community Builder.

In my spare time, I do pretty much the same things I do at work, plus I like to exercise, cycling, buy more books than I read, play video games, listen to music.

My GPG key is published Here , if you need a way to send me something securely.


  • Programming Languages: Go, Python, Bash.
  • DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm ,Git, ElasticSearch, Prometheus, ArgoCD, Jenkins, Github CI/CD.
  • Database: PostgreSQL, SQL, sqlite.
  • Cloud Provider: AWS, Azure.

🔗 Contact

The best way to get in touch with me is to email Fady@Fadyio.com .

This website is powered by Hugo, and uses a modded version of PaperMod . The sourcecode can be found on GitHub .

All opinions and views are my own opinions and do not reflect those of any employer (past, present, future, or inter-dimensional).